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Myco Punch

Myco Punch

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Ready to improve your lab efficiency when it comes to agar work? You're in the right place!

The Myco Punch will maximize your speed in the lab, saving you precious time and boosting your efficiency. Constructed from anodized aluminum, the Myco Punch is resistant to extreme heat and the corrosive substances used in the lab. 

Our patent pending claw system allows mycologists to have full control over their sample placement should they want to place samples in specific regions. The claw system also aids in the recovery of samples that did not come out immediately, and of course is fully capable of ejecting samples. 

Each Myco Punch comes with a large (12mm) and small (6mm) tip that can be quickly exchanged if needed, textured areas to aid in grip, a spare claw, a cleaning brush, and five sterilization pouches.


**** If you’d like something engraved on your tin Dm me along with your order number. 

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